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Leo's Story

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

Leo's Values

Always nap in a quality box. Possibly share with your friends.

Who We Support

As a triathlete and multi-sport coach, I believe in giving back to the community. In this, we have partnered with OtterTriTeam, MSJ Athletics, Shark Attack at Lake Longhorn, and Captain Kids Triathlon. We endorse the continued growth of training and racing in kids of all ages.

  • Aeries

    Our Senior Baby. A little dignified. A little crazy. He has seen a lot and prefers the teas in our selection. The Masala Chai is his go to blend.

  • Nanuk

    (Pronounced Nah-nook, sometimes called Mouse). He has extra tows and walks with a swagger, and needs a smooth blend like he is.... a smooth cat. His choice is CowboyBlend.

  • Jasper

    Always mischievous, sometimes mellow. He enjoys a the Cold Brew, the blend that is never bitter and keeps up with his antics.

  • Sebastian Puddin'

    Sebastian loves to play fetch. He enjoys a coffee that is a little nutty, and easily tipped over. The coffee cup that is. Be Aware! His preference is our Hazelnut Blend. The taste is smooth and does not interfere with playtime.

  • Lil'Miss Snow

    The little girl in the family, she runs the house. Join her with our Pirate's Breakfast Blend. Sometimes with the extra boost of caffeine needed to keep up with the boys.

  • Meg

    Coffee Connoisseur, Cat-Mom, and Triathlon Coach. EveryDay is an opportunity to enjoy Great Coffee.

    Meg's goto blend is BaliBlue.