In Commemoration.....

In Commemoration.....

It is hard to believe that I had a cat that loved coffee.   Well..... the cream I liked to put in it.   Leo.   On 6 March2022, I said good-bye to my friend.   He never woke.  He was laying on the rug in the closet; one of his favorite places to sleep.   The memories and impact he had on me will continue to influence me in the coming years.   

 Adopted on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, Leo filled a hole in my life I did not know I had.   I have been owned by cats all my life, having adopted my first when I was 5.   Leo was different.   He arrived after a relocate and some personal struggles.   I adopted him when he was around 3-months old, rescuing him from someone who was giving him up.   I knew his name was Leo when I met him;  he told me so.   AND he quickly filled the space in my apartment.  

He loved sitting in the kitchen window and watching the guests who would visit the deck.   He would chirp at the birds and squirrels.   

We moved (with our three siblings -- Aeries, Nanuk, and Jasper) from the SouthCoast to find a new adventure in Houston.   It was here, that we said good-bye to our friend.   

The idea of coffee stemmed from sharing with Leo daily.   He would put his face in my cup and drink the cream off the top.   

I hope to share with you not only coffee, but some of the adventures I have shared as I traveled with Leo.    Because coffee should be shared with friends.   

--- Meg 

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